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Morning Ritual
Morning Ritual The base of your discipline
Pack Ultime Morning Ritual
Morning Ritual + Ultimate Pack

The first minute of a movie,
the first second of a music,
the first hour of your day!
Every success start with a good introduction.

I didn't build a morning ritual because I was successful.
I became successful BECAUSE I'm doing morning ritual for 15 years.

In this video I show you my personal Morning Routine, with my favorite techniques from Hadu, Yoga, and Tao. Clear explanation of each practice.
And a second video where I do it with you.

Benefits : 
Your day transform. productivity, happinnes, health, focus... 
You boost every aspect of your life.
And because you do it EVERYDAY, you entire life transform.


1st video with full explanation:
how to wake up
how to poop like a pro (no joke)
the 1st drink
how to make your bed
physical routine
contrast shower

2nd video: Physical Routine with me