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Please, laugh about it
Sex is a VERY serious topic, but to be good at it,
you got to take it easy and relax

My high deeds (and various achievements)

15 years of street performing.
I participated in the world championship.
Video: Here

I started my porn actor carrier this year, but I wasn’t only performing in movies. I’ve done a lot of scene performance. I worked at the Glamour, the biggest European libertine Club.
I started the practice of sex-tao
(the management of sexual energy)
I launched my sex coach carrier
I learned vaginal therapeutic massage (I made woman squirt for a living)
I launched, a set of educational videos about solitary sexual training, that you can find here
I launched, the biggest and greatest collection of sexual techniques demonstrations. The same year, I opened my erotic massage parlor in Russia and got ranked 4th best French porn actor on
The year it REALLY started : I launched my own porn site, SWEETYX.COM, where I am the unique productor, director and actor. I also launched my affiliate program to link the various website of my network:, and thus strengthened my independence by becoming a bigger influence on the net. I also found the time to launch to blogs: and Thanks to the incredible power of sex-tao, I found the strength to create a forum for my community The biggest distributors of adult content on internet, along with the European TV channels buyed licences of my videos for mass distribution, thus making me the most influential French sex coach.
I created, a platform gathering several quality porn productions on a single website. It would allow my subscribers to access a tremendous amount of content with a simple site, like Netflix. I freed myself from my engagements with big French distributors to invest more time in my personal business. My Youtube channel and Twitter account both reached 20000 subscribers this year.
I published my book "Artiste de Rue" (Street Performer) to conclude my activity on the French market. Ignoring the desperate cries of my community (for which I’m a living god), I started to focus on the international market with an English channel to become who I got to be : the greatest sex-coach in the world.


I’m the one and only sec-coach you can see practicing its techniques. The others are asking you to believe their words, but you can see my actions after a single google search.

You’ve maybe noticed that I don't have the biggest dick in the porn industry, but on the other hand: it’s hard like a diamond. And guess what?

I wasn’t born like that!

Might it be for my boner, my ejaculation control, my way to manage women’s feelings: It’s thanks to the daily practice of the methods you can find on this website. And I keep practicing.

It’s like workout, boxing or anything else: You want results? THEN FUCKING TRAIN!

The lame coaches with their shitty tips couldn’t raise a tissue with their dick. Me? I break their jaw them with my club-dick, my trainings last 25 to 40 minutes 5 times a week. They're so intense that could make your balls explode!


Nothing else would work. I you wanna make her moan, you’re gonna have to work hard.

No one’s going to to the work for you.

My job is to learn you how to train.

I provide exercises who already gave results, with clear explanations, visuals graphics and support to help you with your commitment.

I’m a coach, a real one. I’m speaking harshly, I shout on my students, I can even hit you. It’s for the best, bro!!!

A real coach would never hesitate to hit one of his guys.

But before to leave you in the dangerous and moist jungle, I know I’ve done my job to make you a serial pussy crusher.

FEEDBACKS Feedbacks from my guys

I should’ve filmed myself all these years, I wasn’t realizing my position was so bad. Since you taught me to fuck with a straight back, It changed everything, I control my breath and maintain a firm boner. I also have a better overview of the scene, I feel like Di Caprio on his boat, the milf taking care of myself right now is happy about it. Thank Master John, I don’t regret taking your advices.
The consultations were a great source of inspiration: you give a lot of wise advice, you never hesitate to share you experience which avoid wasting some time and energy for nothing! I immediately felt that you knew what you were talking about, that you weren’t there to exploit my weaknesses like in a never-ending support process. It’s quite the opposite in fact, you go far and fast. And you’re always listening and caring. Consultations are always going smoothly and calmly. It feels great to be taken seriously, to be encouraged while being confronted to responsibilities. So, whatever the price, I didn’t feel like being scammed.
So broooooo! Your videos are nuts and smell like generous experience! Thank you again for sharing, we can feel there's hard work behind it just by looking at the visual and content quality. There’s a lot of things I already felt and a bit of knowledge on some topics that confirmed it. I wasn’t the only one to understand these things and it always feels good. Your content is a gold mine I could dig out a lot of stuff, give me a fresh new look on the topic. Conclusion: you deserve more visibility, honor and distinctions ^^. I started to practice the “sex jedi” techniques. It’s fucking hard, but I like it so much ^^.
Thanks for your advices, it’s a true dialogue, the topic is wide, and I admit it, you’re a true coach. I wasn’t expecting such a good program, simple, accurate, exhaustive, I’m in a hurry to see the progression, and we’ll check the results together. Big up bro, I wish you all the fame you deserve, peace.